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Model D608

60W 14-Ch Input / 8-Ch Output Bluetooth Audio DSP Compact Amplifier

The D608 60W-per-channel multichannel DSP amplifier features multiple input channels and multiple output channels, with rich audio functionalities and high audio performance supported by audio digital signal processing algorithms. The system integrates Bluetooth technologies making it reality to have true individualized experience of audio amplifier configurations for everyone, not just audiophiles. Consumers can simply set their audio preferences by smart phones, making it real individualized audio experiences.


D608 Car Audio DSP Amplifier


Key Features

  • Most cost-effective product suitable for almost all car audio amplifiers systems.
  • Multichannel audio DSP processing to promote faithful audio reproduction.
  • Compact size with Class D amplifiers allowing installation in a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, motorcycles and boats. 
  • Bluetooth BLE4.2 technologies integrated, supported by smart phone application programs (mobile apps), making individualized audio experience a true reality.
  • 14-channel inputs, 4-channel outputs at 30W each channel and 2-channel line outputs.
  • 60W RMS @ 14.2V each channel; SNR: 78dB @1W; THD+N: 0.045% @1W, 1kHz filter off; Frequency Response:23~22kHz.




Inputs, Total 14 Channels  
  High Level Input   8 Channels  
  Low Level Input   2 Channels  
  Coaxial Input   1 Channel  
  Optical Input   1 Channel  
  Bluetooth Music Input   1 Channel optional
  APTX Support   Yes license required
  Aux Input   1 Channel  
Outputs, Total 8 Channels  
  Power Output   8 Channels 60W each channel
  Line Output   n/a  
Power 60W RMS x 8 4-Ω load & 1% THD+N, Ref 14.2V
Audio Amplifier Class D  
Load or Bridgeable 4-Ω load, not bridgeable  
SNR @ 1W 78 dB  
SNR @ 2V RMS (Analog In) n/a  
SNR @ 2V RMS (Digital In) n/a  
THD+N @ 1W 0.045% @ 1kHz, filter off
Frequency Response 23 ~ 22kHz +/- 3dB
Remote Control n/a  
Smartphone Mobile Apps iOS and Android for consumers and professional installers
PC Software Yes for professional installers
iPad Application Software Optional for professional installers
EQ Processing 15 ~ 31 Bands PEQ & GEQ
Crossover (XOver) up to 48 dB/Octave each channel independently
Level each channel independently  
  overall volume  
  independent subwoofer volume  
Phase 0°, 180° setting each channel independently
Delay up to 25 ms each channel independently
Channel Routing Input / Output Routing  
Pink Noise Generator Optional  
Advanced Algorithms Bass Boost optional
  Voice Enhancement optional
  MP3 Enhancement optional
Dolby & DTS Dolby Digital contact us
  Dolby ProLogic 2x contact us
  DTS ES contact us
  DTS Neo:6 contact us
  DTS Neural Surround contact us


Product Software

For the Model D608, like all of our DSP-based car audio products, we offer software tools for our customers. The PC software program and iPad application program are used to install the DSP software and tune the amplifier performance. These are designed to be used by professional installers. Meanwhile, the D608 is among our latest products featuring Bluetooth technologies. For end users we have mobile application programs (mobile apps), both iOS and Android. Easily with their smartphones, car amplifier consumers have full freedom to setup their very own audio performances and preferences.

In summary, our software for this product include:

  • PC Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors: USB connection, designed for professional installers
  • iPad Software for Automotive Audio Amplifiers and Audio Processors: Bluetooth connection, designed for professional installers
  • iOS Mobile Application Program (Mobile App): Bluetooth connection, designed for consumers or professional installers
  • Android Mobile Application Program (Mobile App): Bluetooth connection, designed for consumers or professional installers


Wiring Harness and Accessories

With compact design, the Model D608 is a multichannel audio amplifiers suitable for a number of different automobiles. Each car or SUV may need different wires and different connect harness or accessories. Please click below for the right selection of wiring and harness set for your vehicle:

Feel free to contact us if your vehicle is not on the list yet.


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